Who We Are

Arqus Design is a Brisbane based studio and a multi-disciplinary practice focusing on master planning, architecture, interior design and expert witness.

We are a team of creatives with diversified skills who collaborate to achieve well resolved built environment solutions and are known for valuing our client relationships and meeting client delivery expectations. We formulate and develop our creative ideas with our clients and collaborative team from the initial client meeting through schematic and concept design phases, and continue through the architecture phases of design development, documentation, construction and onsite roles.

Our studio Director maintains a “hands on approach” on each project and maintains continuity  from initial client meeting to the end on project delivery. Our team are always directly accessible by our clients and consulting team and it is the Arqus Design philosophy for the same Project Team Leader to represent the project from initial concepts through to documentation and on-site. Our studio has strong business support which allows our professional team to focus on project work and deliver the best outcomes and efficiencies of delivery.


Our Team

Scott Peabody and Cathy Murphy have worked together in their design studios for over 20 years.  We have had a shared vision to think outside the box and to create a unique design practice with an innovative  approach to business that allows our practice to easily adapt to work typology and project size.  This is an integral part of  our business plan which allows us to maintain a flexible design studio centered  on the core value of client service and delivery – attributes recognised as a finalist in the Telstra Business Awards and recognition as Australia’s top 100 companies by BRW as a Fast Starter.

Arqus Design’s philosophy towards our resources is founded on maintaining a team of highly professional and skilled individuals within a studio environment which acknowledges everyone’s contributions.  We regard our employees as our greatest asset and are committed to their ongoing professional development.  Our team’s depth of experience and unique talents and specialist skills create a very collaborative and creative studio.

Our design philosophy is grounded on achieving responsible, creative design outcomes which respond to the context of the development, the client’s brief and market influences.

Integrated Perspective

Arqus Design believes that successful project outcomes are conceptualised through an inclusive design environment which encourages input and feedback from the experienced team assembled to collaborate on the project.

Throughout the project, we actively seek the contribution of fellow consultants and the perspective of industry experts to collectively assist in achieving the desired and responsible built environment solution.

We also recognise that the creative outcome of our projects benefit internally from an informed input by the Arqus Design team and regularly host design workshops within our collaborative studio environment aimed at reviewing and refining our design solutions.  Great architecture is created from the teamwork of architects, engineers, landscapers, interior designers, and interior suppliers.  Through problem solving within a collaborative team environment the best architectural design may be achieved.

Our team is effectively skilled to lead collaborative teams and provide solution orientated discussions bringing value to the client and their project.


Building Information Models (BIM) & Project Delivery

Our collaborative integrated approach for project delivery along with Building Information Models provides the optimal approach for resolving and delivering construction projects.

Arqus Design is committed to Revit three dimensional design and documentation processes and actively encourages the further development and application of meaningful Building Information Modelling on our projects with input from the collective consulting team in the delivery of a refined, coordinated documentation package.

Arqus Design’s internal delivery processes are strengthened by our endeavour to maintain continuity of resources through the duration of a project – providing clarity and consistency of knowledge, understanding and decision making as the project evolves form design to documentation and construction.



Sustainability is a significant consideration and applicable to all aspects relating to the build environment.

Arqus Design believes that to successfully approach sustainability in any design process requires an integrated and balanced understanding of:

  • Economic Sustainability
  • Social Sustainability
  • Environmental Sustainability

We encourage our clients, fellow consultants and industry experts to contribute to achieving integrated sustainable project solutions throughout all aspects of the design and construction processes.