Master Planning

Arqus Design actively contributes to the creation of new urban environments through our continued involvement in master plan design.

Consistent to all our master plan projects is the consideration of the context – both culturally and physically – for which a development is intended to harmonise with. Through consideration of context, urban design elements are explored, tested and refined – resulting in establishing a series of guiding design principles for the master plan and the ongoing staging of the project. Arqus Design’s perspective towards master plan design is to provide an integrated approach, responsive to cultural, physical, environmental and functional influences.



The exploration of thoughts and ideas on how our build environment represents a sense of place, reflects the essence of culture, and responds to the requirements of those who will dwell within these environments, is at the core of Arqus Design’s approach towards Architecture.

Each architectural project offers a unique opportunity to consider how our build solutions will integrate with the environment and community, whilst achieving a successful response to the functional brief.  Throughout the design and documentation processes, we efficiently deliver a well resolved and refined design which successfully reflects the clarity and understanding of the project intent and context, in a practical, sustainable built environment solution.


Interior Design

Interior spaces are often the primary interface between users and the built environment and can have a marked influence on our sense of belonging, comfort, emotion and productivity.

The approach to designing successful interior spaces requires an understanding of the user’s cultural and social framework along with an appreciation of the functionality which the space will accommodate. Combined, this analysis provides the foundations for an informed brief offering an integrated approach for the design direction. This integrated perspective, relevant to all building typologies, is continually explored throughout Arqus Design’s approach to designing interior spaces, along with maintaining a relevant and seamless transition with the architectural elements.


Expert Witness

With over 25 years experience within the architectural and construction industry, Arqus Design Director Scott Peabody has acted as an expert witness on a number of matters, assisting clients and legal counsel with professional services including:

  • Briefings from the legal counsel acting for the client
  • Review of case documentation
  • Attendance at joint expert meetings
  • Provision of reports
  • Court appearances